Make Them Smile With Appreciation Marketing

In the times we live in, how do you stand out above your competition?  What makes someone want to do business with you?  It’s not enough to count on the initial sale, these days you need to find ways to bring back those repeat buyers and earn more referrals.

One sure fire way to achieve this is through Appreciation Marketing.  Show your customers and clients you appreciate them and thank them for their business throughout the year.  Reach out and “touch” them every few months to build real lasting relationships.  Find ways to make them smile, while at the same time putting your face and name in front of them over and over.

In this video, I share one of my strategies of Appreciation Marketing that is sure to make your customers feel like a million bucks!


I hope you found this video helpful.  What kinds of things do you do to build relationships with your customers and prospects?  Please feel free to tell us about it by leaving a comment.  As always, please share these tips with all of your friends in the social media world.

To Your Success,


  1. Hi Glyna,

    These are great appreciation tips. I am definitely adding the “Nice To Meet You Card” to the ways I show appreciation to my customers. I’m sure this is a great way to make yourself stand out, especially when you attend a lot of networking events and it can be easy to be forgotten.

    Take care and have a great rest of the weekend!


  2. Glynna, you have a great voice for video, and a lot of different strategies for building relationships with customers in your business. I love receiving cards also, and I’m certain most people do. REceiving things in the post is not as common as it used to be!

  3. Hey Glyna,
    This is a great post about Appreciation Marketing. I think this subject hasn’t been touched on much. It makes so much sense and makes people feel soooo good. I know I loved getting that card from you!
    You are right on the money here. 🙂
    Val 🙂

  4. Great post Glyna,

    You have given me a few ideas for showing appreciation. Keep up the good work.


  5. Glyna – excellent post! You offered some really specific ideas on how we can reach out to our customers and prospects and make them feel special and appreciated. Even though I do this for a living, you gave me some ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks for a great post, once again!

  6. Hey Glyna

    Aside from a B’day card, I can’t even remember the last time I even seen a greeting card. Everything just seems to be online these days which in a way has become quite impersonal but I guess people are using the good old “time” excuse or just that “everything is online now”.

    I think this is a great suggestion, especially in this day when technology is leading, no one expects to receive a greeting card anymore 🙂

    I really like your video style, you have a great presence!

  7. Hi Glyna,

    All those little touches would definitely make a big difference. I like the idea of the ‘nice meeting you’ cards. Thanks for this great info.

  8. Glyna, thanks for another great post! In my old brick and mortar business I used to give out Pens, magnets, etc. Now we can give virtual gifts to our business people on line. Gee you have me thinking now….gotta go shopping!

  9. Thanks for sharing this Glyna! I think sending greeting cards is a great idea, it is so thoughtful and people are so appreciative for this nice jesture. Great post!

  10. I like all the ideas you mention and try to incorporate them. In the online world, I try to get physical addresses shortly after people sign up for my Newsletter, in order to send them cards of encouragement in their business. However, it is not often that I am able to get someone willing to share that information.

  11. Glyna,
    You have touched on some very good points. Having spent the majority of my time in the sales and marketing arena it is the things like this that really make a professional stand out and the work also very easy for them. New clients and referrals just come naturally to them. Sadly, many people drop the ball with this. They might send a nice to meet you note or a thank you card but that’s about it. Thanks for reminding us of some of the good old fashioned things that still really work.

  12. Hi Glyna
    You are looking great in the fuchsia there. I used to love making my own greeting cards for family and friends and have not done so in a long time. All your tips are very useful and not times that I would have thought to send a card so thanks for the reminder.

  13. Hi Glyna,

    I love the idea of appreciation marketing! Excellent topic especially in the age of high tech sometimes we forget to be high touch. I still prefer a hand written note or a real party invitation. It seems contradictory because I blog about internet marketing but adding high touch such as appreciation marketing is an excellent way to set yourself a part from your competition.


  14. You are welcome Don. It is easy to drop the ball when it comes to follow-up of any kind but especially making sure the customer knows that we appreciate their business. It can make all the difference in repeat and referral business. Thank you

  15. Yes – it makes people smile! If we can do that for someone once in awhile – we are truly making a difference and people will remember you for your kindness! Thanks Angela

  16. Thanks so much Nat! I think you are right that no one expects us to go that extra mile – so when we do – it will make a huge impact with our customers and prospects. Great way of thinking:)

  17. Yes – it is easy to be forgotten – by our customers too! That is why I try to keep in front of them as much as possible throughout the year so they don’t go to someone else for their business.

  18. Hi Glyna,

    I must say that although I love technology, to this day nothing beats an actual real greeting card what ever the occasion! I love sending cards to my team when I know they’re up to something big, like an expo just to show how much I appreciate their leadership.

    I’ve used Send Out Cards as a customer as it totally compliments my primary opportunity and my everyday relationships!

  19. Hi Glyna,
    I almost fall over with excitement when I get a card in the mail. It is oh so rare these days.This is such a simple yet powerful thing to do to show your appreciation of people. Thanks for the great video I will be sure to put this into practice.

  20. Hi Glyna,

    A lovely video, thanks for sharing. Watching your video made me think of my mum, she sends cards to her friends and family all the time and has such a great circle of friends because of how caring she is to others. In the shop she works for, she always treats her customers with respect, asks after their family and gives good customer service. People would rather wait in a long queue for her to serve them rather than go to someone else. If she had her own business I think she’d be excellent at Appreciation Marketing.

    I think what I’m trying to say is using a strategy like this, people remember you, they are drawn to your warmth and kindness and they’ll want to do business with you.

  21. It is so rare and that is definitely one reason it is so special. People don’t take time to go out of their way for others these days. Sending a heartfelt message in a card is so easy to do an dit makes people feel very special:) Thanks Deirdre

  22. Making your client smile is something that we should always do. We should exert more effort to do that or just even greet them with a smiley icon after a good morning.

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