Has Network Marketing Left You Dazed and Confused?

Network Marketing is so much fun, but also a lot of work too – if you do it right!  I recently made a list of all the things that need to be accomplished every week in order to find success as a network marketer.  Wow!  No wonder my head feels like it is going to explode by the time Friday rolls around!   Then I think – Friday heck – don’t we work all weekend too?

It is easy to get overwhelmed and become disorganized if you don’t have a system in place to sort it all out.  Take a look at this video and see if this sounds familiar.


I hope you found the few tips I shared here helpful.  Please feel free to share your tips and strategies for staying organized and on task in this world of network marketing by leaving a comment below.

To Your Success,


  1. Hi Glyna, gee you chose a great time to make that video. You really got the message across of all we have to do:-)

    Great idea to make a mini plan on a Friday arvo!

    I can’t remember who said this right now, but a famous author once sold a simple idea to a company which saved the company LOTS of money.

    He said, each day, first thing in the morning, write down 3 tasks to do, that will make you most money.

  2. Hi Glyna – your videos get better and better – looking down at the camera is far superior to looking up – puts you in “control” – my tips – I plan on Saturday AM – I allocate personal development in my “morning routine” daily; schedule my “feared things first” FIRST – open emails twice daily – noon and later afternoon; and try to schedule all personal errands/to-do’s late afternoon – better yet Sunday – my day of rest and rejuvenation

    have a great week Glyna !

  3. Glyna,

    Great post, yes that sounds like the typical week for most of us and I think that is a great idea to just stop take a little time for yourself clear your mind and make sure you do that whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Thanks
    so much.


  4. Hi Glyna,

    You’re spot on! I think being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, period (smile) because we try to do everything. Most people starting out have to do everything. To keep myself sane, I do at least 3 things a day that’s business-related. I remembered learning that from Mike Dillard: tasks are not the same as goals so have at least a few tasks to do every single day.


  5. Glyna,
    You’re preaching to the choir! Being in business, especially online, is time consuming. Love your video tips, especially around taking a break and getting organized. Putting in the work is the difference between having a hobby and taking your business seriously.
    Thanks for your advice,

  6. Awesome video Glyna, there is a lot to be done and making a mini plan is cool. I try to break things down a little each day.

    Your friend

  7. Great tips Glyna! I try and make a list the night before for the next day but I like you suggestion of doing a plan for the whole week on Friday. Thanks for sharing!

  8. OH MY GOD! Do I start rolling on the floor laughing with how in sync we are with our posts? I know you mentioned you had just done your video when you commented on my post for last week and that we were on the same page. Great minds…what can I say?

    As you know, I went into the cave to put together a game plan for the next phase. I’m looking at creating about 12 videos for what I want to get done. You touched on all the different activities we do on a daily basis and it’s a BIG list. Throw in money making activities and wow…you’re spending some time doing the do. Is it any wonder our head goes POP from time to time?

    Thanks for reminding us and giving us a way to cope.

  9. Hey Girl!
    Hearing you talk about all that we set ourselves to accomplishing every week does make my head spin! No wonder I overload in the evenings. 🙂 What a list! And I know most of us have the same amount on our lists.

    If anyone can set up a priority list, it’s you. Organized and dedicated with follow through. That’s why you have become such an important piece of the puzzle for our Tribe.

    Thanks for all you do to help others get to the starting point. You rock!
    Val 😉

  10. Hi Glyna,
    Your video and your tip of planning your next week on Friday were both excellent. Your list was oh so familiar. It is truly hard to manage it all, but your suggestion of taking a little time for a break and then plan your next week is great. To prioritize each task, making sure you have plenty money-making tasks included, and putting them in your calendar for the week is how you can really get things done. Without a plan, we certainly tend to spend too much time on tasks that don’t make us any money or aren’t that important.

    Your idea of planning the whole week in advance is good since it forces you to plan ahead and think ahead. Do you also review your day each morning before you get started to make any adjustments that are necessary? I’m sure you do because life just happens and a new opportunity always comes along.

    Thanks for sharing your great relaxation and planning techniques. You’ve offered some great value here that applies to every business type.

    Committed to your Success!
    (Dave) and Dawn

  11. We really do put in a full week when we’re in full business building mode, don’t we? It’s easy to get caught up in non-income producing activities if we aren’t careful. Great tips on how to stay productive!

  12. You are right Dave and Dawn – Even though you plan each week ahead of time I still need to “check in” each morning. Things to seem to shift as the week goes by and adjustments always need to be made. Thanks for your awesome comment.

  13. It is weird how “great minds” think alike huh Don? haha I loved your science experiment too! I will get over to your blog and see what you have cooked up for this week from the cave.

  14. Hi Glyna,
    Wow, that is a really long list isn’t it? No wonder our days are so full. We definately need a plan of attack to get through them. I like to plan on Sunday night, but I don’t think it matters too much as long as you are ready for the week ahead.

  15. Glyna,

    NWM can be a very frustrating and lonely business if you don’t go out there and network and stay connected with others in the company. Without support failure is a definite. In many companies upline just isn’t there, and people quit. Great video.


  16. Wow great list Glyna. I’m glad I’m not alone with feeling overwhelmed and trying to fit everything in to expand business each week. I agree, going for a walk or doing something that gets you out of the house and energized sure helps you to accomplished what you have to get done. Excellent video!


  17. Such great tips for setting ourselves up for success! Glyna, you are truly one of my favorite people to watch on video, your energy is so infectious!

    We certainly do have loads to do as social media/ network marketers. I felt overwhelmed for a while, having spent 13 years offline it was quite a transition! What I found was that as long as I set my schedule in a way that had me accomplishing income generating activities 3/4 of the time and the rest only 1/4, well, the overwhelm lessened. I know that’s hard because the 1/4 often feels so important! But if it’s not making you money, my view is, where can you outsource? What can you hand off to a Virtual Assistant so that you can focus on what puts money in the bank? Initial friend requests? Networking follow ups? Uploading videos? Bills? I’ve always done it on my own, and just got introduced to the idea of a VA and a conference last weekend, and already my life is much more effective!

    Obviously the authentic connection points need to be real from you, but we don’t have to do it all as much as it sometimes feels like we have to!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. You know Beth – I was just introduced to VA in the last few weeks too. I want to keep doing as much as possible myself but it is getting to the point where I might have to check that out! Thanks

  19. I know – sometimes we need to get our blood flowing again:) Getting away from our computers for a few minutes each day is well worth it! Thanks Juniper!

  20. That is a very good point Mike. My advice if you are out there alone is to go seek out successful people within your organization even if you have to go further up the “chain of command”. You should never feel alone if you are with the right company! Thanks

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