Facebook Friend or Foe?

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How many friends do you have on FB? How many groups, pages, events, and causes do you “LIKE”? Do you know every one of these people personally, or do you on occasion, accept someone blindly just because they asked? Everyday I get requests from people, and even animals that I don’t know. Usually I go ahead and accept them after I have looked at their information and try to make sure they are “above board”.

Well, let me tell you, it can come back to bite you quickly with all the junk that starts coming your way day, after day, after day. You now have to take your precious time weeding through all of the spammers with their “can’t miss’ opportunities, events and products you just have to get your hands on.

At first, I tried to be “politically correct” and send these spammers a note and ask them to kindly take me off their lists. But guess what – no one answered! I know you are probably surprised! Haha So, I decided to take this problem into my own hands and investigate Facebook to find another solution.

Great news! I found out how get rid of these people and groups and want to share it with you in this video.

YouTube Preview Image

I hope you found this helpful and I would love to know if you tried it for yourself, so please leave me your comments. Please feel free to share this with all your social medial friends!

Wishing You Success,


71 Responses to “Facebook Friend or Foe?”
  1. Nick Logan says:

    I agree about Val Wilcox. Great information. Keeping your facebook organized is essential. Thanks for the information on groups…

    Good Stuff
    Nick Logan´s last blog post ..The Fastest Way I know to get SEED Money For Your Business…

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    You are welcome Nick! Thanks

  2. Bob White says:

    Glyna – thank you so much for your facebook “friend or foe” tips – I have grown weary deleting all the messages received from spammers – will start “removing from group” immediately !

    Be Blessed – Bob White

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Awesome Bob! Maybe if we all start doing it they will stop spamming. – Ahh probably not – but we can try:)

  3. Nelson says:

    So that’s how you blocked me. I need to check out the Events also. I get hundreds of invites to these and most are requiring travel to some other city. Beats me why somebody would think I would leave my couch to visit some MLM opportunity. Just a small rant my lady. later gator.
    Nelson´s last blog post ..“The Black Whip”

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    No – I totally agree Nelson! AND – you know I would never block you:) Thanks for your comment my friend!

  4. Val Wilcox says:

    I can always count on you to share some very good info that I can use! I’ve had this happen too often lately & have had to remove some because of it.

    I’m so glad you really didn’t “get rid of me!” LOL

    Have a great one Val 🙂
    Val Wilcox´s last blog post ..Accept No Limitations

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I ended up not having to get rid of you Val. I just pretended – but thanks for volunteering! haha

  5. Thanks for the tip Glyna. I’m still trying to get comfortable with all the bells and whistles at FaceBook. Unfortunately, that sometimes means getting a bunch of pitching from a few people that just don’t get it. Well, now I can pitch them…. right out of my inbox!! Thanks!
    Richard Goutal´s last blog post ..Why Do So Many Not “Get” Attraction Marketing

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha – yes exactly Richard! I am going to be pitching right with you:)

  6. Glyna – great post! I actually had to remove some groups the other day for the same reason – they were just driving me nuts with info that wasn’t relevant to me. I am glad you didn’t rid yourself of the SGPP page! haha Thanks for another valuable video post and I always love to see you in my Inbox!

    Have a great day my friend!


    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Summer I would never get rid of you! haha Plus you always bring value to everything you do! I love SGPP! Thanks

  7. Emmie Olivas says:

    Great way to put out there it is ok to say no. If we say yes to everything we are just taking our precious time. Thanks,

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    That is a hard one (saying no) sometimes isn’t it Emmie? Thanks for your comment.

  8. Fabulous Glyna! Often there are little tips make a huge impact in our lives and if you continue to supply them to us we’ll keep coming back for more. Before you know it, you’ll be our next tip guru! Hmmmm….we’ll need to come up with a good title for you. All these great videos ought to be put on one page of Glyna’s tipping jar with a donation button if they were helpful to people. Okay so that is the best I can do so late at night but it’s a start .See what other creative ideas you can come up with!

    Abundant Blessings,
    Kellie Frazier´s last blog post ..When Your Income Remains The Same – What to Do to Increase It – Success Pillar Nine

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha Kellie – I love it! You are always full of such great ideas even late at night:) Thank you for stopping by!

  9. Mark Hiatt says:

    I love all the ideas you provide on your site. You can also just block the person’s comments without removing them as a friend (then they get your stuff but you don’t get there’s) – you might add that as another training at some point.
    Mark Hiatt´s last blog post ..A Powerful Word

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    That is an awesome point Mark and something I didn’t cover. Thanks for the great topic for another video:)

  10. Hey Glyna, Great info and tips. I actually was just trying to figure out where to even find the groups I’m a part of and now I know LOL! Was able to remove myself from a few. Found your post helpful and I’m sure many others will too! Thanks for sharing.

    Kara Grabenhorst´s last blog post ..Work At Home …Why Would You Do That

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Great – glad to help Kara! Thanks!

  11. Tim Colletti says:

    Hi Glyna,

    Thanks for the tips. I really LOVE watching tutorial videos. Since I am a visual person, it works out really well for me. Keep ’em coming.

    ~ Tim
    Tim Colletti´s last blog post ..Facebook Tip – Organizing Your Facebook Friends

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi TIm – I am the same way. Everything seems to sink in a little more if you can “see it” Thanks for the comment!

  12. Glyna ,

    I know what you mean about all the invites, spam , and auto message after message from the Facebook Spam Bots or Spammers 🙂 Good job on the video, i know i have some cleaning up to do on mine to free my box from the people i truly want to connect with. Enjoy your Weekend!
    Chris Bernardo´s last blog post ..How to get 2 into your Business-Super Fast!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Chris
    The FB and Twitter spammers really take the fun out of getting your messages. It gets to be tedious to weed through all of the junk. Thanks!

  13. Glyna…great advice. I didn’t know you could do this and I very much appreciate knowing it. I have a whole host of friend requests that I just haven’t gotten to. It gives me a bit of pause before accepting them. Thanks a ton!
    Bruce Backman´s last blog post ..How to Create Ebooks- Video Tutorials- Audio Series and so much more by attending Crushers College

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Yes – I know what you mean Bruce. I know a lot of people that don’t accept friends unless there is a message attached to it. I’m not sure I am going to go that far but I might check them out a little more.

  14. Sue Collier says:

    Hey Glyna

    Thanks for this information, it’s hard to keep up with everything on Facebook and this will certainly come in useful.

    Sue Collier´s last blog post ..Twitter Trials And Tribulations

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    You are welcome Sue! I am glad you found it to be helpful

  15. Curt Bizelli says:


    Little tips matter like building blocks for a house! Thanks so much. I usually block the people and remove myself from the groups. You can click report/block on the person’s profile and just select block without reporting them. 😉

    God Bless,
    Curt B aka CBiz
    Curt Bizelli´s last blog post ..Sam Rosen and Other Thought Leaders on “Digital Influence” 60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online !

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Aahh – great tip Curt – Thanks

  16. Hi Glyna,

    Although I was already familiar with how to “rid” yourself of spammers you’d friended, I appreciate that you showed how to do this step-by-step on your video. This is for sure one of the topics that I hear most from my true friends about…that they’ve befriended someone & not sure how to unfriend them…lol! I appreciate you sharing 🙂

    Christine Casey´s last blog post ..How do you use Facebook

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Christine – I am glad I could help! Thanks

  17. clare kelway says:

    Hi Glyna, thanks for that valuable input. Do you know whether the person knows you have removed them or not? Sometimes it would be politically more beneficial for them not to know but rather they go than I continue to be “bugged”! It is most annoying and crazy that people don’t understand that real business is built via real relationships.

    keep up the great content.
    clare kelway´s last blog post ..Are you ready for your Entrepreneurial Comeback

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Clare – The other person is not notified but you would be taken off their friend list too. – So most likely they wouldn’t even notice:)

  18. Howie Perks says:


    Thanks for the video. It’s funny that I have been on Facebook for a while now and never knew those buttons to remove were right there. I used to go to my “edit friends” button.

    I think anyone on Facebook has experienced the spammers. I get the “hit and run” instant messagers that will IM me and throw out a quick link that I “need” to check out. I also get those that just say “hi” on IM but never respond back when you answer them in hopes you’ll go to their profile. Silly spammers!

    Great to connect and I look forward to more of your posts!

    In Success,
    Howie Perks
    Howie Perks´s last blog post ..Google Monster Gets Defeated By A Wizard!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha – silly spammers indeed! You made me smile Howie – thank you!

  19. Hi Glyna,

    Great post and video. There are a few people on my list I will delete. I have done this in the past and it felt good. It is all about choices. Some of the information I receive I am grateful and yes some is not.

    Have a great week!

    Faith Barnard´s last blog post ..Wow- the Secret of Becoming a Sponsoring Machine is Easier than You Think

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Yes – having the choice to not deal with these people any more can be quite liberating! Thanks Faith

  20. Laura Morris says:

    Hi Glyna

    Great information. I got two of these types of messages last week on FB that were clearly the UNwanted kind! I think the auto adders and frenzy to increase quantity instead of quality has made for the necessity of this caution!

    Laura Morris
    Laura Morris´s last blog post ..Choosing The Right Company – MLM Rankings Resource

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I think you are right Laura. Quantity rarely trumps quality! Great point and thank you for your comment.

  21. Glyna,

    Thanks so much for sharing! It’s like weeding a garden, isn’t it? But hey, if someone is really annoying, then so be it.

    Hopefully you and Val are friends again!

    ~ Pat and Lorna

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Coolest Couple – Thanks for stopping by! haha – Yes Val and I are still BFF’s:)

  22. Glyna, Great tips! These spammers are constantly bugging me! I appreciate you sharing this information. Now I can go into my Facebook account and get rid of these spammers once and for all. Thanks again! ~Joseph McDevitt
    Joseph McDevitt´s last blog post ..How To Autoplay A YouTube Video

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I know – they are so annoying aren’t they Joseph. I am glad I could help! Thank you for the nice comment

  23. Maya Mendoza says:

    Hey Glyna -thank you for taking the time to do this step-by-step on your video.

    I think it’s a shame that so many people know so little about relationship building and the real benefits and power of Social Networking that the only way they understand how to use it is to SPAM!!!!

    I look forward to more of your quick FB tips

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I know – what a waste of time – especially ours:) Thanks

  24. Emma says:

    Hi Glyna!

    Oh My Goodness, I have had to spend hours going through and deleting groups!! I joined far too many and literally got an ibox full of rubbish every day and ended up missing important message from friends & family.

    The one thing that still clogs things up a bit is that I get so many event invites, which is fine, I’m sure a lot of them have value but I really don’t like how someone can invite you to an event and then inbox me about it… I think it’s enough that I see their event in my invites section! Can’t find a way to stop that unfortunately but definitely removing the groups helped tons!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

    Emma 🙂

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hmmm – I will have to check that out Emma. Maybe I can figure out a way to get that stopped too. Thanks Emma

  25. Glynna,

    Great tips for getting rid of the bloat in Facebook. And your video makes it fast and easy to remove. Thanks.

    One Love,
    Debbie Lattuga´s last blog post ..Best Idea for Humanity

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I love that Debbie! Thanks!

  26. Great Facebook maintenance advise. And I am going back to your video about getting friends back on your newsfeed. So many details, so little time. Thanks for the tips!
    Gary Young China Sourcng´s last blog post ..Links for 2010-09-24 delicious

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha – yes isn’t that true Gary? There is not enough time in the day! I keep getting up earlier and earlier – pretty soon I will be staying up all night:) Thanks

  27. Glynna,
    What a helpful post! As for the events issue, it might pay to remove the person who is sending the event notices, by clicking on their name in the invitation and then following your suggestions above…. 🙂

    Anything that helps us regain some of our time is always a great tip!

    Thanks so much for sharing this great video….
    Robin van der Merwe´s last blog post ..Six Ways to Get More Blog Comments

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    That is true Robin! We might as well get rid of the culprit who is sending them in the first place! Great point! Thanks

  28. Thanks so much for the tip Glyna. I need to clean up my Facebook friends and did not know how to do it.

    On a side note, your page seems to load very slowly. Of course I may have just caught your server napping but there is a plugin to speed up your site that you may want to look at W3 Total Cache. I use it for my site and it works great.

    Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry´s last blog post ..Personal Development Questions

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Michael – I will check my page out! I think it is starting to get overloaded. Thanks for the plugin tip!

  29. kebabope says:

    Thanks for taking the time to investigate on this issue and sharing with us,i have never personally experienced spamming yet but if somehow they start doing their dirty work on my profile, i will know how to clean them thanks to you.

    To your unlimited success,
    ~Kebabope Morapedi
    kebabope´s last blog post ..Attention To You All…Just A Quick Announcement!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Glad to help Kebabope! Thanks for your comment!

  30. Nat says:

    Hey Glyna

    This is a great video with two awesome tips that every facebook user should know about! I use to have a lot of spammers so I turned off my wall so people couldn’t post to it, but I missed my friends dropping by so now I just remove people who have no etiquette 🙂
    Nat´s last blog post ..Quick Tip – Are You Making It Impossible To Track Your TweetMeMe RT’s

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Aahh – good move Nat! Thanks

  31. lesly says:

    Great tip! Facebook can be confusing and I have had to do the same, but, this tip is SO much easier! Dah! LOL! I recently got hacked into so you really have to be care ful. Thanks for the info I appreciate it!
    lesly´s last blog post ..Your Amazing Body Series – What is Blood

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Yes – you have to be so careful with all of this stuff – don’t you Lesly. It is definitely not fun to deal with hackers! I’ve been there – I feel for you:)

  32. Glyna
    Gone are all those annoying groups and spammers. Thanks for this tip, very useful thanks.

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Yes! You are welcome Belinda! Thanks for coming by

  33. This was a pretty cool post. I never viewed it in your version. I will keep these points in mind. Look forward to more key points to social media.


    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Thanks Ruth!

  34. Hi Glyna,

    Thank you for sharing your video tips. I use Facebook and I hate when I encountered some annoying spammers. Thanks for the your tips. It will help me a lot. 🙂

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    You are so welcome Jorge! Thank you for stopping by!

  35. Hi Glyna,

    The video is well done and so simple to follow.

    Normally I just ignore it but now I have a way to take them off my friend list.

    Thank you!

    Eiji Morishita´s last blog post ..Speaking Skills- Way to Wealth Top 5 Benefits

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Glad you found this helpful Eiji! Thank you for stopping by!


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