What I Learned From Online Marketing Superstar Gavin Mountford!

Are you productive in your daily online activity?  Most of us would probably answer yes to that question without hesitating.  However, if you really look at how you are spending your day, how much are you really getting done?  Do you have days where it seems like you were busy but you didn’t get anything accomplished?  You may be busy, but not productive.  Those are two entirely different things!

I recently watched a webinar given by Gavin Mountford called “Doubling Your Online Productivity and it definitely opened my eyes.  You see, I thought I was extremely productive until I tuned into Gavin and listened to what he had to say on the subject.  In this video, I share a few of the tips from Gavin that have already made a big difference on how I plan my day.  He also taped the webinar and you can view it here.  Also be sure to check out Gavin at http://gavinmountford.com/ for more great marketing ideas and information.


I hope you picked up a few tips on how you can make your online time more productive.  The information in this video is only a small bit of what was shared on the complete webinar which I would encourage all of you to watch when you get a chance.  Please leave me a comment and share some of your time saving ideas, and as always, feel free to share this with all of your friends.

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  1. Glyna,
    Such great, easy tips that easily can be implemented. I thought you were going to have ideas that would be more difficult to follow. These tips on distractions & writing things down are definitely ones I can get behind. The taking of breaks I already do. Yeah, I’m winning! LOL

    I look forward to hearing more in Gavin’s webinar. I appreciate you for being willing to share that when it becomes available.

    Val 🙂
    The Past is the Past – http://www.valwilcox.com/the-past-is-the-past/
    P.S. my Comment Luv is not working properly – 🙁

  2. Simply Brilliant Glyna,

    You can’t go wrong when sharing idea from top notch trainers like Gavin.

    One tool that I have used to really Make Sure I am focused and effective in my daily routine is Simpleology.com. The pros of this program are that the 101 course is free and it is all about taking full control of your #1 assest, your time. The drawbacks are that you are going to get pitched to buy more (lots more), and you will get many emails.

    Take Care,

    David Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

  3. As someone who spends all day with online marketing these are some very helpful tips. Often it’s the simplest tips that make the biggest impact. Turning everything else off is extremely important, as is taking breaks, though neither are always possible depending on company policies. Writing things down, however, is something anyone can do no matter the situation. Something you or your readers might want to try is an experiment I’ve been doing lately: not only do I write everything down, I’ve been trying to write down tasks. If I have an idea, it’s one thing to just write it down, and I find I often leave that idea sitting on a sticky note or in a notebook. Instead, I’ll rethink it as a task and drop it in my Google calendar a few days from now on a day that’s not too busy. Suddenly a general idea like “maybe I can get some sales with this keyword group I hadn’t thought of before” becomes an actionable task like “research new keyword group feasibility” or “start new keyword group with $50 test budget.”

  4. You know – you bring up a very good point John! It sounds like you have a great system there and is something I am going to keep in mind in the future. If it is scheduled it might stick more:) Thanks

  5. Aloha Glyna, I enjoyed your post and your video clip. Gosh.. a 60/30 plan, I better start backing off my work time..Lol glad I came by and thanks for sharing. Lanikee.com 🙂 I’ll check Gavin site, thx for the referral.

    PS..come by sometime. Mahalo and Happy Holidays!

  6. I remember visiting a friend who has written many books. He would typically work 50 min and take 10 min off while writing. He literally left the house and went out in the yard, ate an apple, and looked at the flowers for several minutes before going back in and resuming work. Whether that, or the 60-60-30, I wonder if I have the discipline?!! I tend to be a one-track-minder although I know it’s not so healthy. Oooops just had an idea… better write it down. Maybe there is a business in a Readers Digest Newsletter of condensed one page summaries of of guru webinars. Now wouldn’t that save all of us a lot of time?

  7. Hi Glyna, I pray you had an excellent birthday the other day. Yes, Gavin is an intelligent man. I’ve yet to get to know him well, but I have seen some of his videos via TSA, and he knows what he’s doing. Its funny you don’t write things down because I’m the complete opposite. I grew up being a “writer at heart” so I learned quickly to write everything down. I’M WARNING YOU: There is a downside to that too. You can become to cluttered with notes everywhere. I have notebooks coming out of my ears (lol), and I think it makes me a little “less” productive sometimes. I’ve found using a simple note tool in the computer is usually a better bet, but even there I end up with a lot of notes. Thanks for the tips. Keep doing whatcha doing! God Bless, Curt

  8. Glyna~
    I really enjoyed your movie!
    I am going to follow your (Gavin’s) advice! It’s not the first time I’ve heard it, I must be ready or maybe you trimed it down to do-able! Only 3 simple things –
    Thank you!

  9. I appreciate Gavin’s words of wisdom too.I didn’t get on this webinar but it looks like I missed a great one.I agree with turning things off.When I forget and I am making a video…Phone rings every time.Thanks for sharing Glyna.

  10. I need to turn things off, especially my instant messages. I have Yahoo and MSN Messenger. Those are my biggest disruptions. Email too. I am good at writing things down and making lists. That helps a lot. I like the idea of blocks of time for focus, then taking breaks. Thanks to you and Gavin for giving us these reminders.

  11. It is so easy to get distracted when we have all of those ways of communicating. I feel like I must be missing something if I don’t keep looking at it – but that is the problem for me:) It makes concentrating on important things almost impossible. Thank you for your comment Melodie!

  12. Oh – I know! Making videos is the worst! You are right – if everything isn’t turned off you are guaranteed you will have “ringing” right before you finish the video:) Thanks Beverly!

  13. Curt – Thank you for the bday wishes! I also appreciate the tip on using the note tool on the computer – you are right – sticky notes everywhere can get overwhelming too. I appreciate your feedback:)

  14. Glyna,

    Gavin is an expert at helping people and your video tips are easy to understand and implement. It is so easy to think you are being productive until you pay attention to how many things take you off focus on your goals.


  15. Great information. So simple but most of us do not do it. I know I need to make my time be more productive. I will be differently taking notes. Thanks for sharing the information.

  16. Hi Glyna,
    This was a great video with so many good tips… thanks for sharing with us! I’m going to write them down and put them to use.
    You have a great blog and I will be coming back to visit!
    Thanks a bunch,

  17. Hi Glyna,

    Great post and yes, these are tips that work really well. Especially the 60-60-30. I’ve done that for a while and find that it gives greater concentration during the work intervals and provides a refreshed brain due to the breaks. You might even find that using a simple kitchen timer (e.g. egg timer) will further accelerate this plan. It allows you to totally let go of watching the clock to stay on track. Just “set it and forget it”.

    Also, regarding notebooks; (I have notebooks or paper pads everywhere!) Quite some time back I purchased a few of the Moleskin books (found in most bookstores or online) in various sizes. My faves are the little ones that can easily go everywhere including my purse. Now I have a place to capture thoughts no matter where I am. Check out those little books, they are truly wonderful!

    ~ Linnea

  18. Hi Glyna,

    Thanks for sharing Gavin’s tips. They were great! I missed that webinar. I am hot on the trail for becoming more wisely productive instead of just productive! These tips will fit in great! Thanks!

  19. It is hard for me to turn my e-mail off but I do this sometimes. I missed this webinar but I think I read a recap or something on his blog. I agree, Gavin is pretty amazing. Lists are very important! I have to make lists or nothing gets done. I wonder how many good ideas are lost every day because they don’t get written down.

  20. Great tips Glyna. You can never have enough productivity advice!! I’ve seen this advice with scheduling your day in three 90 minute blocks. I’ll have to catch Gavin’s webinar as I missed this one somehow.

    Thanks Glyna,


  21. Glyna, I LOVE the law of attraction, and I’ll tell you why! First of all, I came to your blog and everything LOOKED SO GREAT that I didn’t know where to start! However, I suddenly saw the name of Gavin Mountford and thought, I have to read that post as I JUST came from his blog!

    I too was on that original webinar, and it is still resonating with me! Just watching your video now reminded me to TURN EVERYTHING ELSE OFF while I’m working on a specific project, and I had already forgotten that! Thanks so much for the reminder!!

    You have a great video presence! I’m so glad you’re using it!! 🙂

    Till the next time…

  22. I wonder the same thing Nicole – or in my case – how many sleepless nights. I tend to keep things swirling in my head and can’t go to sleep! Looks like I need a notebook by the bed! Thanks

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