Facebook Is Playing Hide & Go Seek With Your Friends.

Have any of you noticed that you aren’t seeing all of your friends on your Facebook news feed?  This happened to me several weeks ago and I could not figure out what happened.   Did they all get tired of my posts or take me off their friends list for some reason?    I was beginning to get a little paranoid and started wondering what I could have done to make so many people mad at me.

Well, thank goodness one of my friends finally figured it out this week and passed on the information to me.  Take a look at this short video that explains it all.


Hopefully, this put your mind at ease if you were experiencing the same Facebook dilemma.  If you found this helpful, please pass it on to all of your social media friends and leave me a comment below.

Yours In Success,


  1. Ha ha – Glyna, this is so funny! I was at a wedding last night and this friend of mine was talking about this very issues! She couldn’t figure out why all her friends’ posts were missing! Well, now we know! I will forward this very valuable video to her so she can fix it! Thanks for always helping us out!!!


  2. Glyna,

    Yeah for solving that issue. I had heard that awhile ago, but I think with all the changes on FB I need to check on mine to see if it’s still running with all my feeds.

    Thanks for the great reminder to stay on top of Facebook! Never know what’s coming next,
    Val 🙂

  3. Aha! That’s what is going on! Some people have been asking me “didn’t you see what I wrote on Facebook?” I felt terrible, like I was missing something if I didn’t check it out enough times.
    Now I realize the problem. Thanks so much Glyna for clearing this up in a quick and simple way. You’re the B E S T!

  4. Thanks Glyna!
    What a huge deal! I don’t want my friends hidden. I noticed that my feed wasn’t as busy as ususal. Facebook is always changing thing that we would have no clue about if it wasn’t for word of mouth. Thank you so much for sharing this, I will pass it along to everyone I know that’s on facebook.

    Danielle 🙂

  5. Hi Glyna,
    It’s amazing, such a simple solution to such a wide spread issue and the answer was right under our noses all the time 🙂

    I have a follow up question however, my ‘edit options’ doesn’t show the same options that showed up on your screen???

    Any clues why?

    Thanks for sharing Glyna

    In Health and Harmony

  6. Glyna you do such a great job of instructional teaching! Quick tips are fabulous to showcase your knowledge and this little FB tidbit was worth watching just like all the rest of your tips. Keep them coming!

  7. Great explanation of a frustrating and common problem! I was confused about this for quite a while as well ~ and SO glad when someone wrote about it in their status update (lucky I saw it!) 😉

    Thanks for spreading the word, Glyna!

  8. Not all Blonds are created equal. You my Dear have broken that mold and risen to the valued position called “One Smart Cookie” Thanks Glyna I need this.

  9. I had run into this same issue a while back and it took me forever to figure out how to fix it. This would have saved me a lot of trouble so I know that others are going to find it very useful.

    Thanks Glyna 🙂

  10. Glyna, Wow, I never new that! Shows how observant I am. I went in and added all my friends back into my newsfeed. Hey great tip! Thanks for the useful information! Joseph McDevitt

  11. Go figure. FB and everything else, for that matter, keeps changing their operations so much, we really need people like you to keep us up to snuff.

    Great job, Glyna, thanks for cluing me in on this!

  12. Hi Toni – Make sure you are on “most recent” on your news feed and not “top news”. I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  13. Hi Glyna,

    Great tip. I had noticed that I was not seeing all my friends now for a number of months but just assumed there was nothing I could do to correct this. Thank you so much. I implementing this right away.

    You are such a sweetheart and I love your posts. Thanks so much!


  14. For some reason this is not even an option when I click on edit options at the bottom of the page. All it tells me are all the games and things that are hidden from my feed.

  15. Hi Glyna,

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sharing this. I have noticed the same thing and I hear people talking about a post that I missed. Very FRUSTRATING! I am setting mine to 4999 too. I hate missing good stuff.


  16. Glyna – I noticed this same issue just yesterday & wondered what the deal was, so I am excited to have read your post! Thank you for explaining & the how to video on how exactly to reset news feed options 🙂 Christine

  17. Hi Glyna,
    Thanks so much for the info!! I did notice it…and like you, I wondered if I had done something to make my friends mad! It sounds like an easy fix.

  18. Hi Glynn, thanks for this extremely useful information. Seems to me that anyone who has never looked at their Facebook news feed settings (in other words 99% of FB users) should watch your video. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Interesting information, I went to the edit options section at the bottom and it had 3 people in a list. Allowed me to add those 3 people and that was it.

    Glad I watched the video, I didn’t know this was going on.


  20. Love it Glyna! I never knew this and was baffeled myself. I am going to go to my page and change this right now. Thanks for making this video it was very helpful.

  21. Hey Glyna,

    Yes…Facebook seems to make a lot of changes to its site and most of the time they don’t even let people know about it. Thanks for the post.

    ~ Tim
    Proud member of the Empowered Tribe

  22. Ah Ha! So that’s what’s happening!

    Thank you Glyna, my facebook feed is sorted now!

    Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.

    Emma 🙂

  23. Hi Glyna,

    thank you for that useful, to the point video.
    I learned another trick I didn’t know.
    We don’t always look for those things at the bottom of the page.

    Much appreciated!

    To your success

  24. Hey, that is a “sweet” tip that I never even thought about. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll definitely put this into action right away … and syndicate as well. You have an awesome blog with great, valuable information. God Bless!

  25. It must have been due to some change along the road cause I’m not even seeing any of those options. It just shows the people I’ve removed from my feed and a button to re-add them, plus pages and applications I’ve removed.

  26. Great video, Glyna. I didn’t know about the limit on the friend feeds either. I’ve made the adjustment thanks to you. Nice connecting with you earlier on Facebook.

  27. I did this a while back but there are many people who do not come down my feed…it is really funny cause some people I really do want to see never show up.Can you explain that by any chance?

  28. Rebecca – Make sure your setting is at 4999 or 5000. That way you will be sure to get all of your friends on your feed. I hope this was helpful! Thanks

  29. Great video Glyna!

    Yes, Facebook really wants us to stay on our toes! Thanks for the heads up, I will be sharing this info!

    I am very grateful to be a part of this TSA group as there is no way I can keep up with all the changes. You are helping me to provide better service to my clients, thank you very much.

    Together we can accomplish anything!


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