Shiny New Objects Aren’t Always a Bad Thing!

If you are in network marketing, you have probably heard of the phrase “shiny new objects”.  If you aren’t, you may be wondering what in the world am I talking about.  Well in the world of network marketing, there is what seems to be, a million different opportunities you could choose to become a part of.

So many, in fact, it can be hard to stay focused, keep your head down and stay on course. This is where the “shiny new objects” come in.

Take a look at my video and I will explain the pros and cons of this phrase as it applies to all of us.

Well there you have it!  There are always 2 ways to look at everything!  If you would like more information on my “shiny new object” and how it can enhance any business you are already in, please let me know!

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Yours In Success,


  1. Love your analogy Glyna! Those shiny objects are so difficult to ignore. We must stay on our path and stick to it. This video was GREAT! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to many people.

  2. Glyna,
    It seems that almost everyday a shiny new object comes around. Like you I do my best to ignore them as most are just a waste of time and a big distraction. However, something comes along every once in awhile that seems to make a little more sense. I agree with you whole heartedly that no matter what business a person is looking at they must do their due diligence. Glad you like your new shiny object, but more importantly, I’m glad you did your homework first.

  3. Hey Glyna,

    You are correct, shiny new objects can be such a distraction if you feel like you have to have every one of them or you will be missing out. Focus is crucial in our industry.

    You hit a point we all need to hear. If you are going to look at a new shiny object, be sure to do your homework and make sure it really is a shiny object and not a clump of mud in disguise. Also, be sure the shiny new object adds to your current focus and not takes you away from it.

    I am so glad to have met you and your videos are wonderful.


  4. Glyna,
    So many shiny new objects appear all the time it can be distracting. You bring up a huge benefit of taking a look at something that could possibly enhance your business and take it to the next level. Great explanation of this!

    Glad you checked it all out & are willing to share your knowledge with us. This helps immensely. You always give such valuable tips!
    Val 😉

  5. Glyna,

    I spot too many shiny new objects too, but if I find they keep coming back into my conscious mind what I tend to do is wirte a review of them on my blog!!

    That way, I am doing my due diligence and more often then not find that I would not actually be interested in joining!

    Well except the odd one of course 🙂

    Great article!


  6. Thanks for pointing out the difference between distracting and valuable shiny objects. I particularly appreciated your comments on due diligence. Most of us are so taken with the shiny object that due diligence is the last thing on our mind!

  7. Hi Glyna!
    I appreciate your post and video. It took me awhile once I started doing my parenting education online, to ignore new ideas for how to succeed in business. However like you, if the new product or idea continues to present itself, then I check it out further. Great advice about a topic that can make or break all of us, whatever our type of business. Focus, focus, focus!


  8. They can be very distracting especially is they keep coming back to you:) Thank you for giving such great value in everything you do too Val. I appreciate you!

  9. Hi Glynna,

    I totally can related to how those “shiny new objects” can occasionally be a distraction and get us off course. And, I also know how if the same one keeps showing up in a short period of time, it could mean something else, which is what my experience is from the past week. Like you, I found a “shiny new object” that is going to be an enhancement to the company I am already affiliated with, and this is very exciting! I appreciate you sharing ~ great post!!!!! 🙂


  10. Hi Glyna,

    This is so true!

    Sometimes the shiny object is a tool in your toolbox to help build your current business faster and bigger!

    Excellent perspective.

    We are in the same group this week in TSA.


  11. So right Glyna. I used to get so distracted by other stuff. However the illustration of your recurring “shinny object” has a great point in the “due diligence” message. Great video from a great Lady.

  12. It can definitely be difficult to stay away from all of the shiny new objects, and consistency really is the key. However, I see your point that sometimes those shiny new objects are really an opportunity knocking.

    So if it’s something that you truly can’t seem to take your eyes off, check it out to at least quench your curiosity. Hey, you never know, it might be the thing you’ve been looking for all along!

    Great video Glyna!

  13. Hi Glyna,

    I love your post. We must listen to our intuition. I have been in the business of network marketing for 25 years now. As entrepreneurs we need to listen to our gut and sometimes the shiny new object is the perfect opportunity to take our lives and our businesses to the next level.

    I have a feeling that your new shiny object is the same one I joined. Look forward to future posts. Your video presence is fabulous!


  14. That is so true Angel. You never know and it doesn’t hurt to take a look at opportunities even if they end up not being right for you. Thanks

  15. Glyna, I have had a very bright shiny object staring me in the face for months. I really thought I was being so good to not ask to at least admire it and look at it. I have held back. I thought I was doing the right thing, but I read all of these comments and am I the only one who is so stubborn? You are right it might only enhance my current business. I am so so stubborn sometimes, just did not want to be seen as an opportunity hopper. You really got me thinking.

  16. Oh, those shiny distractions! There are way too many of them, but you’ve hit on the perfect solution. Instead of blindly ignoring them, we can acknowledge, investigate and make a decision. Thanks for bringing this up, Glyna!

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