A Game Changer For Your Home Business!

Game ChangerI am sooo excited about the tool I was introduced to this week!  It is going to be a game changer as far as how I communicate and build relationships with my customers.

The company is Talk Fusion and they provide easy, affordable video email, auto responders and so much more that I haven’t even had time to investigate.  I haven’t had the time because I have been having a blast sending out video emails to everyone I know.  It is so much fun!!

Take a look at this short video that explains it a little more!

Ok – now the best part!  You can get this product starting at $175 and $20 a month!  Unbelievable!  It will pay for itself 10 times over with the business relationships it will help you build.   AND – what a fun toy:)

Please feel free to share this with all your friends and let me know if you would like me to send you a video email so you can see what the hype is all about!

Yours In Success,


  1. I have seen this tool…It flat out rocks. Personal Branding is so important in the world of the internet. And Talk Fusion is perfect when it comes to that. Thanks Glyna

  2. Glyna,
    You’ve done a great job of explaining this great tool in your video. 🙂
    Will be something I keep in mind as I move forward in building and growing. Thanks for always being on top of the latest and sharing it with us,
    Val 🙂

  3. Hi Glyna,

    You’ve covered all the bases with this post…it’s new, it’s fun, it’s easy to use…and I don’t know about you, but I still can’t believe how INEXPENSIVE it is! Everyone that I’ve sent it to has marveled at the quality of the image.

    Have Fun With It!


  4. I have this tool and it is AWESOME! When I email people they get so excited by the video and the response is immediate. I tried it on some of my “downlines” and they were so impressed.

    I didn’t master it yet, but when I do, I want to do an interview via Talkfusion.

  5. This is indeed a game-changer for personal branding! I have been blown away with the suite of product offerings ~ far more than just the video emails! I am so glad you are having so much fun with it ~ I am too! 🙂

  6. Your enthusiasm is contagious, Glyna! Trying new things is an important part of having an online business. Sounds like you are very good at researching and sharing!

    Warm regards,


  7. Glyna,
    From what you have said here I think game changer is an understatement. This looks to be an amazing tool that anyone could use. The uses are only limited by a persons imagination the way it seems.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Isn’t this great Glyna? Video is the best tool to use to boost the trust from people you meet online.I also think this tool would be great for any business that has clients to send introductions,thank you’s, appointment reminders,etc. It also is an awesome way to send cards to your friends and families using you as the main attraction.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks Deborah! Yes – I am very excited about video email and Talk Fusion. It is such a great way to brand yourself and stand out from your competition!

  10. Oh Beth- I know there are so many other tools Talk Fusion has available that I haven’t had the chance to get into yet! Thanks for mentioning that!

  11. I know – the response I am getting from the people I send these too is awesome! The first thing they usually say is “how’d you do that?” I love the whole concept! Thanks Donna

  12. Hi Darlene – Yes it does make you stand out in a crowd and that is what all of our businesses need! Your video email is on it’s way! Thanks

  13. Wow, Glyna! Your video presence is so great as you offer us a glimpse of this new tool. And you enthusiasm is infectious about Talk Fusion. One thing that really struck me was that you had a video email put together and sent in five minutes! Sounds like this is a tool everyone will want for their relationship marketing as well as their family/friend emails. You go girl!

  14. Hi Glyna,

    Great for you, I hope it all goes well! TF seems like a unique opportunity and powerful service also.

    Keep me informed as to how it goes for you,


  15. Sounds as though you’re having a lot of fun with those video emails! I’d like to see what one looks like, please. Thank you for sharing this with everyone and the many other useful articles on your site.

    Best wishes
    Joanna 🙂

  16. Glyna, thank you for sharing such a unique opportunity, Video marketing is so the way to go! Unbelievable how much you get in such a great package for so little money!
    Love and Grace, Tina

  17. All I know if that people flip when I send them
    videos with Talk Fusion. I have industry
    professionals call me all the time after they
    get a Talk Fusion video email from me.

    Powerful Relationships + Powerful Marketing Tools = Powerful Results!

    This helps to show authentic face to face appreciation
    from long distances.

    High touch meets hi-tech,

  18. Glyna,
    I really enjoyed your short video about Talk Fusion, and your enthusiasm about it makes me want to check into it that much sooner! Sounds like a really great tool to use, especially as it will make email message more personal, and isn’t that what its really all about? Thank you so much for sharing 😉 Christine

  19. Hey Glyna,

    Thanks for sharing this new product and service with us all.
    I love watching your videos and seeing the enthusiasm that you have for what you do! Best of luck on the success of this new venture for you and keep us posted on your results.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  20. Hi Glyna,
    This tool flat out stands above anything else out there as far as video marketing goes. Your post is a terrific testimony to what Talk Fusion is and what it will be doing for us as entrepreneurs!
    Mary Lou

  21. Yes, I have heard a lot about Talk Fusion! Is it similar to Hello World? I think it’s pretty exciting. I look forward to hearing more about how you are using it… thanks Glyna

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