Negativity – What Is It Good For?

That would be – absolutely nothing!  Do you know what can wreak havoc on everything in your life including your home business?  You guessed it!  Negativity!

We have enough challenges to face everyday in this business just to keep our heads above water that the last thing we need is people bringing us down with their crappy attitudes.  AND – what is even worse is that we have to deal with this in places where we are all supposed to be supporting and helping each other succeed!  It comes at us from every direction – negative comments, product-bashing posts and even character assassinations!

Wow!  I’ve had enough!!  Have you??  I am simply going to choose to ignore this negativity and the “Debbie Downers” of the world and proceed on my own path to positive thinking.

Here are a few thoughts I had on this subject….


So now that I have said my peace – just know I am here to support and help you with anything I can!  My friend Beverly also did a post on this subject that you might enjoy!  Overcoming Other People’s Negative Opinions! Hopefully we can start a positive revolution!  HAHA!!

Please feel free to share this with all of your social media friends and leave a comment for me below.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


  1. Awesome Glyna! Negative comments drive me crazy too.But we really should ignore it and stay happy and positive. Love your thoughts.Hopefully we will start a new trend with our posts.

  2. Woo Hoo! You go girl!!!
    Glyna, I applaud you for standing up for yourself and speaking your mind. This is a very timely post. There have been some negative areas out there in communities that ARE supposed to support and encourage.

    I am with you. I have stepped away from the negative and chose to focus on the positive only. Mindset is definitely a huge factor in business. Youo did an awesome job of showing people how to shift into positive mode.
    Val 🙂

  3. Hi Glyna,
    Bravo to you for putting negativity in its place — where it belongs, in the garbage! Unfortunately, a lot of people thrive on negativity and actually enjoy tearing other people down (because it makes them feel bigger and better). The best we can do is keep our heads focused on what truly matters: our own mission to get things done with positivity!
    Mary Lou

  4. Thanks Val! You are right – there have been communities that are letting in the “Debbie Downers” take over a little too much. That doesn’t serve anyone’s purpose!

  5. Hi Glyna,

    We heard this called “ANT’s” Automatic Negative Thoughts. It’s so easy for us to move to the negative side of a problem or challenge. It takes work to re-frame it to a positive thought. We think that there is a reason for that!

    But remember it’s just a “Thought” and YOU get to control what YOU think.

    Love and passing the ANT spray,
    ~ Pat & Lorna

  6. Yea Glyna !!! Its so refreshing to see that you have decided to turn the other cheek…

    You are right. There has been way too much negativity in some communities lately.

    Thank you for bringing it to light. STAY POSITIVE !!!

  7. Hi Glyna,
    Thanks for speaking the truth. The old saying “garbage in…garbage out” can apply to so many things. In my mind, negative people, thoughts, actions, you name is all garbage. And if you allow it to be in your presence then you’ll soon find yourself putting garbage out.

    There’s enough bad stuff in the world. The last thing we need is to bring it into our personal and business life.

    Thanks for your post.

  8. While I agree with you in general, I also think the opposite, the failure to look for the grain of truth in whats being said, can also be just as big of a problem.

    While its important to not get caught up in the emotion of the negative, it is important to look at all sides of issues. We’re in business and that requires concious, logical awareness of all of the factors going on. Whether its a company, product, job etc, if the facts are all wrong it doesnt matter how much we sing and paint happy faces on it, its still likely to leave us dazed and confused and not making money in a few years.

    This is a problem I see often when people do things like fail to read their full P&P in MLMs. Two years later they’re wondering why their company went bust or kicked them out!

    Whats important though is to seperate the facts from the emotions. And its important to evaluate those facts without letting our own preferences on the matter get in our way. All of that is HARD!

    Take the facts, course correct when called for, and get right back on to moving forward with a smile! Great video!

  9. I agree Kimberly – I still think they can be 2 separate issues though and have nothing to do with your MLM. Just being negative in general bums me out:) I always admire you for being able to separate the facts and present both sides. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you!

  10. Glyna, you rock. Way to go on calling a spade a spade. Ugh, I have no time for negative nay-sayers. I find that by choosing to spend my time with/ focus my energy on the people who truly get what the “positive revolution” 🙂 is all about, that my life is more vibrant, more real, more connected and more successful.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts so authentically!

  11. Hi Glyna great post – funnily enough I posted a blog last week entitled the power of negative thinking! on the same theme..

    I think negativity is a conditioned mindset and its hard sometimes to step back observe our attitude and rationalize its impact.

    We all live in tribes -consisting of our peers family and acquaintances- linked by shared values – when anyone deviates from the group view they are seen to be a threat-

    Hence the value in attracting like minded people and caring less about converting those who are happy where they’re at. in the spirit of your musical reference I like the line by the Smiths “why do I give valuable time to people who don’t care if i live or die?’

    Cheers Kiaran from mostly Sunny Perth!

  12. Glyna~
    I couldn’t agree with you more! This is what I live by too! I teach my children the same thing! The only person we have control over is ourselves! I could go on and on! Like you, I choose to focus on the positive!!

  13. Great stuff Glyna. I remember learning to see the best in everybody from an old guy when I worked for Boeing. He said to me one day while looking out over the shop. “I can see good in anybody. Look at Tom,(a known goof off), He’ll never work you out of a job.” Point being everybody has to see the positive like you elegantly stated. Again good job.

  14. Hi Glyna,

    You said it girl! It’s frustrating to sometimes have to deal with those “Debbie Downers”, even in our industry, yet it happens. I think what you shared is awesome and hopefully more of us will look past the negative & work toward the positive & helping each others out/supporting one another. For me, that’s truly what it’s all about!!! 🙂


  15. Glyna! I always enjoy your posts and videos. I agree with you 100% that there are always hard things we face but we have to CHOOSE to ignore them. Not always easy but imperative to get where you want to be in business. Your right you can’t give negative people the time of day. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Then you are definitely on the right road to success Christine! I have noticed how much you give to everyone in your communities. Keep up the great work!

  17. Great post! You are right negativity does not serve us at all. It may have in the past for a very short time, but it is time to pitch the complaining! I just attended this amazing seminar and we learned so much. To put it bluntly our thoughts/ego will always try to bring us down and tell us we can’t do something. We have to lead with our hearts and when we being honest with ourselves and others in a positive manner, that is when the magic happens!

  18. Glyna, Your Mom is right. I think if you feel good about yourself, the negativity is like rain on a duck. So you have to love yourself first. that is the key.

  19. Glyna,
    Great video, love your yard! The topic of mindset is so critical and one of the few things that we have any control over. We can CHOOSE to keep negativity out of our thoughts as best we can.

  20. Glyna,

    Great video and post. Love your videos. I am practicing that if something shows up in my life it is also an opportunity to clear this energy within myself. There are no accidents.

    You are right we must take the reins of our mindset and choose to be joyful, happy and peaceful. It is ongoing practice to rise above and live our best lives.

    Thank you and can’t wait until your next video. Have a fabulous weekend.


  21. Hi Glyna,

    Totally agree with you to the point where now, if I can’t help people with their negativity, I give them a wide berth. It’s too easy to be brought down and end up in a negative spiral, which as you rightly say, is good for nothing!

    I said to my kids recently that if they tell themselves they can’t do something, they may as well not try as they’ve already talked themselves out of it. They worked out for themselves that a positive mindset is what makes things happen.

    Thanks for another great post.



  22. Hi Glyna,

    I really appreciate your “No Negativity” approach to life. We all have so much to be thankful and happy for, we just need to focus on not letting the negative things or events in our life overwhelm all of the positive. There have been times in my life that I felt very negative about the present and future, but have always succeed at overcoming those momentary lapses and refocusing on the things that really matter. Thank you for the post.

    Scott Pollov

  23. Ahhh Negativity! You are certainly correct here Glyna! Negativity to me is like a small fire, the more we get into it, the more fuel we put on it and it becomes a bon-fire which we cannot control.
    You mentioned you have gotten hit by tons of negativity. Remember that happened to me about a month ago, and then the AHA moment came. It pushed me further into positive energy.
    Great post and thanks for bringing this up.

  24. This week has been difficult for me as well. I have been finding myself desperately trying to bite my tongue with limited success. but no doubt, my responding to negative comments has not proven helpful at all. I should have just smiled and moved.

    Today, I had a very bad morning, and I am proud to say I did just bite my tongue and walk away, and everything worked out just fine.

    Hopefully it is something in the air this week!


  25. Hi Glyna,

    I’m thinking you don’t have enough comments on this post so you might want to be more positive next time. Ha! Good for you.

    Well, the tribe has spoken and there isn’t really much I could add except that since it’s a topic everyone deals with in life why not keep adding to it? Everyone struggles with it so now help us turn it around step by step and you have your next book! 🙂

    Looking forward to connecting with you next week.

  26. Hey Glyna, this is a MUST share. I feel your authenticity radiating from the video and your post is spectacular with incredible writing tactics. I help run a “Clean, Decent and Positive” online magazine called WHEN … I’ll leave the URL in the Website Form Section … feel free to check it out. I think you may be a good fit for a writer position or some other position that we can all benefit from. Anyway, its so true that one negative thought can spiral your thoughts into DEEP HELL. (I have clinical mental illness so I know this “for sure – lol”), however the “great thing” is with the proper training and focus overtime, you can learn to shift your thoughts to the POSITIVE in which do the exact same thing except opposite. One positive thought has even more power and it can spiral your mindset into an entirely new POSITIVE HEAVEN!
    Thanks for this post, from TSA! Let’s chat soon! God Bless, CBiz

  27. Thanks for such an awesome comment Curt. I am going to send you an email so you can get me more information about your magazine. Hey you never know!:)

  28. Biting your tongue a lot can hurt!! haha I know it is hard to do sometimes but you are right – things usually turn out better. Thanks Alexander for the comment!

  29. That is such a great lesson Andrew to teach your children plus they are learning as young age what negativity can do to them. Awesome! Thanks for the comment!

  30. Hi Glyna,
    Thanks for the post. Funny I just posted something on FB page about hanging around negative people will not get you where you want to be in 5 years.
    Liked your video..rebecca

  31. Awesome! Article, So true.
    This is a very important article, because this is what most people have problems with these days 🙂

    Live Liberated and Abundant lives!


  32. Hi Glyna,
    You are sooo right! As soon as you start doing what others think you should, that’s when things can go wrong. The naysayers can really drag you down. Mindset is so important and I think is becoming even more a part of the foundation to build fist off than learning business tools. Many blogs talk about it, I talk about it.. I see this as the #1 skill to develop. And, I’m glad you like Shaklee! I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to write about Shaklee (one of my passions) on my blog.. 🙂

  33. I really do like Shaklee products Lesly! You are welcome – I don’t see anything wrong with writing about something you are so passionate about:) Keep up the good work!

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