My New Favorite Timesaving Toolbar!

There are so many awesome tools online to help us with our day-to-day workload.  In this video, I wanted to share one of my new favorites with you – the Google Toolbar.

It let’s you have so many applications right at your fingertips.

Here you go – take a look.

You can do so many things with Google Toolbar and it really can make your life a little easier and organized.  I am so glad I could share this with you and I hope you found it helpful.

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Yours In Success,


  1. Did you say “Giggle tool bar” or “Google tool bar”? You’re sweet accent confused me! hahaha… it!

    Great educational video Glyna. I learned some things I didn’t know so to me that’s always a plus while syndicating.

    Did you take my picture while hugging my new MAC today??? You’re graphic looks like me. 🙂

    Kellie Frazier
    dot com

  2. Glyna,
    What a helpful post. I use a lot of Google tools but have never even considered adding the toolbar. Thanks for pointing out the benefits and how easy it is to use.

    BTW, you are becoming a real champ with the video challenge. Incorporating a training and getting screen shots with your videos is terrific. this is a skill I have to learn yet. You go girl!
    .-= Don Enck´s last blog ..Do You Love Your Competition? =-.

  3. Hi Glyna,

    Thanks for sharing your insights on increasing our productivity; always welcome, that’s for sure!

    If I may caution you and your readers on one item you pointed out — Google’s translation program. . .I have a business associate from Eastern Europe who speaks five languages fluently. She said she has used the tool to translate from those languages into English and personally found that it was very inadequate.

    So, people might want to take the translation from foreign languages into English with a bit of caution.

    Thanks again for keeping us informed and ahead of the curve.


  4. Hey Glyna! Wow you must be doing something right! You have 28 comments, 24 tweets and 18 Facebook Shares…

    I also want to thank you…I’ve noticed you on my blog. You are currently in the 2nd position for the most comments on my blog…Thank you so much for all the information you provide.

    Keep it up…
    .-= Nick Logan´s last blog ..Featured Post By Danielle Zack =-.

  5. Thanks Nick. I really enjoy your posts and content and look forward to visiting again:) I didn’t realize I am in 2nd position – pretty cool!

  6. Glyna thank you for your post it was easy to understand I use Google every day and use to have it before my computer was updated. SO I quickly installed it . Appreciate the quick run through…
    Have a wonderful day
    Take Care
    .-= Kaye Flack´s last blog ..Appreciating your best friends. =-.

  7. Glyna this was so helpful. I didn’t get the Google toolbar because I had one ant didn’t want to take up more room. I didn’t know there could be a difference.

    Thank you for this great info and the way you taught it.

    Congratulations on being selected for the blog of the day.

    .-= Sandy & Al Abrams´s last blog ..Horror Show or Natural Event??? =-.

  8. Hi Glyna,

    thank you for sharing that.

    It’s good to know about tools that make life easier and help to be more organizes. Accessibility helps too.



  9. I have not tried Google Toolbar yet, but it looks helpful. Thanks for the tutorial. It always helps to see it in action rather than fumbling around until you find the right buttons.

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