Is Your Online Marketing Working? How Do You Know?

If you are marketing yourself online, you are constantly trying to get traffic to your blog, writing articles, making videos and working like crazy on all the social sites to create a following.  Do you ever stop to take stock of all your efforts?  Do you know how much improvement you have truly made from the time you started all of this to today?

Maybe some of you gauge your success by the number of leads and calls you get from your online ventures – which is awesome – if that is actually happening!  For those of you who aren’t seeing those results, are you getting frustrated and discouraged?  Well you don’t have to be!  Take a look at this video I have made for you.  Hopefully, it will give you a brand new perspective!

Do you feel better?  I sure hope I helped you alleviate some of the anxiety about your true progress with your online marketing efforts.  If you found this helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

I would also like to hear from you about the tips and strategies you have on this subject.  So, please leave me a comment so we can all help each other.

Yours In Success


  1. A way to start tracking your results with a type of analysis
    software sounds good to at the very least get a feel if you
    are beginning to see more traffic. I like that idea but then
    we need to be sure we are connecting to these people – right?

    I didn’t think of looking into anything
    like Google page rank. Thanks! I have a
    bit more work to do then 🙂
    .-= Robin Lynn Brooks´s last blog ..Teachable & Doable Social Media Networking =-.

  2. Perfect way to combine your video with the great tips you are sharing. I do need to re-listen to catch the sites you were talking about to check things on my blog.

    Just like any business, there are alot of little items you need to be aware of to create a place where people can find and enjoy the information! Thanks for the great tips to strengthen my foundation!
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..How Many Rocks Are in Your Backpack? =-.

  3. Great point about connecting with people – I hope that goes without saying Robin. However, wouldn’t it be nice to make sure we are on the right track to meet even more wonderful people?

  4. You are welcome Val! I love that we can all share the knowledge we learn to help each other out. You certainly have done your part in sharing awesome content. Glad I could return the favor!

  5. Great content, I love the idea of providing the sites for tracking. It is important to know where you stand and what is and isn’t working. You are doing an awesome job.

  6. Hi Glyna ~

    Thanks for this reminder. I have now heard that I should be tracking several times, and am not doing it yet. I have Google Analytics installed, but have never done anything with it ~ clearly I should be! One foot in front of the other…. 😉

    Awesome job on your video, you’re a natural!
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..The Torch Flash Mob =-.

  7. GREAT video Glyna!

    You made some EXCELLENT points about finding out “where you’re at” so you can figure out “where you’re going.” I hadn’t used page rank on my blog before but I’m going to check it out right now!

    Thanks for sharing all the valuable tips and information… it certainly helps put things in perspective for a lot of people, I’m sure.

    .-= Chris McCargar´s last blog ..How to Find a Spiritual Teacher =-.

  8. You are so welcome Chris. Yes – the page rank thing is really cool. The rank starts at “not recognized”, 0/10, 1/10, 2/10 and so on. Never thought I would be so happy to be a 1. haha Hope this is helpful to you:)

  9. Tracking results IS crucial! Google analytics dot com is mine tracker, as well as my own blog stats, which really helps me to understand how much traffic I’m getting and what I need to change or expound upon. Appreciate your spreading the word on this Glyna. I started a few months back with a page rank of 6 million, pre-tribes, now my page rank is 312,161 as of today because of tribes. You gotta like that! Keep up the great work my friend!

    .-= kellie Frazier´s last blog ..How Do I Connect? As a Consumer or a Producer? =-.

  10. Hi Glyna

    Great post and video. It is so important to track and measure one’s progress after posting up your blog and writing a slew of articles. Definitely,need to find out how many people are visiting and reading your blog/webite.

    Thank you for sharing with us the 4 sites for free tracking. Currently, using google analytics. Will definitely check the other three.
    .-= Jane Lee´s last blog ..How to Get Spammers off Your Blog Comment Section? =-.

  11. Hey Glyna…

    Way cool, I have never heard the Google Page Rank tip you share here. Will definitely have to check that one out….thanks!

    You’re absolutely right on target here. Just keep putting out great content, use quality keywords, and know that your efforts will pay off. What we are doing here is unique in the industry, providing value in lieu of putting out junk and trying to manipulate people (and Google). It may not come overnight, but success is guaranteed!
    .-= Kathy Jodrey´s last blog ..Is It Time To Face Your Fears? =-.

  12. Hey Glyna!

    Great video! I use google analytics and I love checking it after releasing a new blog post…. makes you feel good about the energy you put into creating great stuff for your viewers!

    I had not used the page rank checker yet either so I went ahead and installed the “Monitor Google Page Ranks for multiple sites” button on my toolbar… is this the same one you use or do you know of a better one?

    Appreciate your information! Keep up the great work!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Tribe Syndication Community: How They Work & How They Multiply Your Online Presence =-.

  13. The page rank is really cool! I just use the regular page rank button but I will definitely have to check out the one you mentioned too. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Glyna…this is great. You know it is so hard for people if they are not seeing the results they expected so it is great to do some baseline tracking to truly understand what is happening behind the scenes. You can also track blog visitors as well…it helps to know you have people coming to your blog who maybe don’t leave a comment or interact in some other way. Sometimes it is the small things that can get you over the hump to keep at it the next day.

    Thanks so much!

  15. Glyna,

    Tracking and testing is so critical to us in this industry. Any measured…improves, right? We have to know what our stats are if we are ever going to improve what we’re doing. Really appreciated your video!

    .-= Eddie Espiritu´s last blog ..Ready, Fire, Aim! =-.

  16. Hi Glyna,

    Great to meet you and welcome to the TSA Group.
    This is an excellent post. I have been using this method to track my progress of traffic to my blog over the past couple of months. It does help when you are feeling a bit down about things to know that there are a lot of great things happening. I use both SiteMeter and Google Analytics for my tracking.
    Thanks again for share this great info.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  17. Hi Glyna,

    Great points! How will we know if we’re headed the right direction if we don’t have ways to track our progress? I’ve got to do a better job with Google Analytics. I have tracked some of my pages for Google PR, and I’ve been using Stat Counter for five years. It’s handy to see what pages are getting more traffic (it’s not always on the topics I thought would rank higher). I also tweaked some of my information on a Valentine’s Day site because most of the traffic came from countries other than the U.S., and my site included more U.S. based ideas.

    I’ve also used Website Grader from Hubspot, which also has a Twitter Grader, Facebook Grader, Press Release Grader, and more. All free services and includes a very detailed report. I also use Squidoo, which has its own dashboard of stats. I also use SquidUtils, which gives even more information about the lens and helps you to tweak the information for a stronger lens.

    .-= Jennifer Akers´s last blog ..Writing Job Sites You Don’t Want To Miss =-.

  18. It is so important to track everything that you are doing. Otherwise you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. I love Google Analytics and I also use MyBlogLog’s analytics as a quick reference.

    Plus, I agree with Jennifer above that Website Grader is a great way to see where you can plug some holes in your blog to make it more SEO friendly.

    Great tips Glyna 🙂

    .-= Angel Taylor´s last blog ..Cool Twitter Tip – How To Send Voicemail Using Twitter =-.

  19. Hi Glyna,

    Great to meet you and it’s great that you are now part of the TSA Group.

    Great post here, when I first got started with my blog I was so overwhelmed with trying to learn how to track things. Lately, I have been using this method to track my progress of traffic to my blog over the past 6 or 8 months. I’ve had quite a difference in my life over the past 8 months and I am glad that I am actually doing something and going in the correct direction to where I ultimately want to be. Google Analytics and SiteMeter are both tools that I use to track my sites.

    Thanks for the post and I look forward to more!
    .-= Chris Hughes´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  20. Hi Glyna,

    Great video! I use Google Analytics and when I ran a contest in my local city to win a free color and style makeover (the contest was called Queen for a Day!) I noticed a huge spike in the number of hits I got during the promotional contest, so I knew I was meeting my marketing goals of getting my name out there.

    I’ve never used Page Rank but I’m going to check into it.
    Thanks for the great advice.

  21. Ahh, stat tracking.

    This is EXACTLY how all of the big boys do it. They track EVERYTHING. And in fact, a really cool thing you didn’t mention in your video is tracking IDs for affiliate links, so you can know EXACTLY how much traffic your affiliate links get and EXACTLY where the clicks came from.

    For example, lets say you want to do a new promotion on your blog for a WordPress Affiliate Theme. You would have a link that looks like

    Now first off, thats kind of a scary link, but if you mask it nobody will know and then you can continue to promote it without any knowing its an affiliate link AND track exactly how much traffic it gets from your blog because the SID=BLOG part will pass that clicks ID to your affiliate tracking software from your promotion. Works great with Clickbank.

    (jeez I talk a lot, lol)
    .-= Matthew Neer´s last blog ..Network Marketing Lead Generation =-.

  22. Glyna, great post and video. I use both google and stat counter it has helped me feel more confident because I can see my progress. Thanks for the other great tips will check them out also.


  23. Like Ed, I use Analytics and SiteMeter. I don’t concern myself tooo tooo much about numbers at this point… but it is a joy to see when rankings and visits go up. 🙂

  24. Hi Glyna!

    I came to your blog and spotted this post. It was just the medicine I needed today! My Alexa Ranking has dropped significantly (about 500K points), but I need to implement these other tools as well. I don’t like to have to do this part, but you have really helped me to see the benefit to ME!

    Thanks for sharing such useful information!

    Mentor Mama

  25. Hi Mentor Mama – I think everyone’s rank has fallen due to the Summer season. So many people are out doing other things away from their computer. I’m sure it will pick back up soon – but either way it is very important to keep up with your results. Thanks

  26. Hi Glyna,

    Thanks for this video. I am already using Google Analytics, but I didn’t know about the rank feature of the toolbar. I do wish there was a way to track results for ads that send people to my book’s sales page on Amazon. I don’t know how to do that, so I’m not sure how effective my ads are! Any tips?

    Jennifer Becton
    author of Charlotte Collins: A Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

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