Show Us Your Bright Shining Faces! – A MUST For Online Marketing

I am out on the Internet for hours on end everyday and I am NOT seeing all of your bright shining faces!  Some of you have gone to all the trouble of helping people, sharing great content and comments but don’t leave a face to fit your name.  Why is that?  Stop and think about this for a minute. When you are trying to build success on the Internet, people need to get to know and recognize you.

Leaving your picture every place you go online is essential for branding yourself and what you stand for.  In the online social world, it’s not enough to just be out on all the social networking sites promoting and selling your products, you need to establish yourself as a brand name. I see people all the time out on these sites working their little hearts out, but then never leaving a picture of themselves that people can identify with.  Leave your mark everywhere you go!

I have to admit, when I first started with online marketing, the thought of plastering my face all over the Internet simply made me want to cringe!  I couldn’t bare the thought of having my face starring back at me every time I logged onto my social networking sites and favorite blogs.  Well you know what?  I had to get over myself and do it anyway!  It still makes me kind of feel weird but it is necessary to creating your brand and building success.

So, if I can get passed those insecurities, so can you! People feel comfortable with people they know, so you want to get out there and let everyone get to know you and be able to recognize you out of the thousands of faces they see everyday.  The more familiar you are, the more people will start interacting with you and want to find out what you are all about.  This in turn will lead them to places like your blog to learn more information.  Guess what, they might decide they like what they see and want to partner with you or find out about the products and services you have to offer.  It is all one big chain of events that starts with that one picture.

Ok, ok – I think I have probably made my point. Let me tell you just how easy it can be to get your own smiling face out there in Cyber space. Try to pick out one picture of yourself that you will be using everywhere you go. Yes, you will get sick of looking at it day in and day out, so make sure it is something you can live with.  Even though you get very tired of seeing that same old picture, you want other people to have seen it so much that they start to feel like they know you.

Once you have the picture chosen, simply go to to create your very own avatar (picture) of yourself. will take you through the simple step by step process as seen below.  One crucial tip is to make sure you sign up with the email address that you use for everything online so your avatar will follow you wherever you go. 

[wpvideo UyDfmflZ]

When you finish the easy Gravatar set up, you are then ready to comment away.  Every time you leave a comment on a site, your picture will stay behind. – Very Cool!

Please feel free to share this with everyone you know that does not have their avatar set up yet and help them through the process.

Yours in Success,





  1. Thanks Glyna for this!
    I have been using Gravatar for a little while thanks to Kimberly, but I agree I have seen of people posting with no picture to the face and I think it is very important. I can also relate to the feeling of first putting your face out there on pictures and video! I used to be so shy and honestly would have never ever put my face out there let alone do a video! I have now done both and really have no problem with it what so ever. I am so proud of myself hehe 🙂

    Thanks for a practical easy to follow post!

    Yamuna Keller

  2. I was so upset years ago when I had learned that I needed to plaster my picture. In fact, in the old days, I had professional postcards made up with my picture on it. It sat in my basement for a year. Then one day I had an Aha experience. Who cares? Only me. So I sent out one thousand postcards for the sake of my business and voila….it boomed. Showing our face and especially doing Youtube is very important in Social Media Marketing.
    In fact, months ago I wrote a blog on it:

  3. Glyna,

    Nice post, great content and very helpful for a lot of people out there.. It is also the little details that matter.. and this one can make a huge difference when one is trying to brand himself.. I started using a gravatar a while ago now and I love it.. Just the idea that I can put my face everywhere I go is so cool and a extra boost when it comes to branding.

    Keep on sharing this kind of great posts!

    ~ Farzad Taghavi
    .-= Farzad Taghavi´s last blog ..My Cutting Edge Insider Tip’s & Tricks Series – Lesson #1 “You Need To Acquire The Right Mindset!” =-.

  4. Great Post Glyna! I have been guilty of this and just created mine. it is a very good point that if we are trying to build a brand it is a must to leave our mark everywhere we go. Thanks for the great value as always!


  5. I am glad to see you posting this to the masses as such.
    I do spend individual time reminding people about setting
    themselves up with a gravatar/avatar. It is nice to see
    and recognize people when surfing around but also feels
    less like a stranger… Definately add the human element
    as a gravatar if you are geared towards social media and
    want to be recognized as your authentic self, for sure!

    Cheers people!
    .-= Robin Lynn Brooks´s last blog ..First Colors of Spring Planning My Garden =-.

  6. Glyna I love your enthusiasm! My birthday is on Christmas and this past year I literally had hundreds of birthday wishes unlike any other year. When I said that to my brother his response was this:

    “Well if you’re going to plaster your picture all over the web someone is bound to know it’s your birthday!”

    Ha! He was being protective of course, but it told me he was right! I branded my face, therefore it made sense. Thanks for opening our eyes!

    Kellie Frazier
    dot com
    .-= kellie Frazier´s last blog ..Connecting Through E-mail is Already Extinct =-.

  7. Aloha Glyna,

    Thank you for writing about a very important topic! And thank you for saying how you felt in the beginning. Gosh, I really felt that way and it took me a while to stop resisting.

    Also, thank you for the Gravatar instructions. I love seeing everyone’s smiling faces too!

    Kellie 🙂
    .-= Kellie Hosaka´s last blog ..Are You Happy & Fulfilled In Your Life? =-.

  8. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a gravitar. You hit the nail right on the head with this post Gylna. Especially if you’re in the Network Marketing industry you need to be putting your face out there as much as possible, because people want to work with other REAL people.
    .-= Matthew Neer´s last blog ..Network Marketing Lead Generation =-.

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