Network Marketers – Are You Throwing Up On Your Prospects?

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Ok – sorry for the “visual”, but this really is an important question when you realize what I am talking about.  When you are in an appointment with a prospective customer, do you take time to listen to THEM or are you busy overwhelming them with YOU and your “can’t miss” opportunity and product?  You can literally wreck an appointment in a very short time by approaching it the wrong way.

In this video, I share a short, easy process to get you started in the right direction whether you are in person or on the phone.

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I hope you found this post helpful. If you did, please feel free to share it with all of your social networking friends.  I would also love to hear your tips and strategies for dealing with appointments, so please leave a comment below.

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65 Responses to “Network Marketers – Are You Throwing Up On Your Prospects?”
  1. Bob White says:

    Hello my friend Glyna – I look forward to see your name in my Inbox – means that you have another blogpost AND a video ;D

    Here’s my tip for you Glyna – write those tips on a 3 X 5 card – take it with you whenever your are going to be out and about – review them to “frame” your mindset before walking into an interactive environment or a specific appointment.

    Be Blessed !

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Bob – What a great tip for all of us! Thank you so much for mentioning it!

  2. Another awesome, valuable post Glyna! This is so important in our industry too! I loved how you stressed “earning the right” – people think they can just throw up their info all over you, before you “give them permission”.

    Bob – great idea about writing the framework on index cards to prepare yourself before a call or an appt – I love that and will be using that strategy. It is so easy to forget, because we DO get excited about what we are doing. We just have to remember that not everyone feels the way we do!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    It is important in anything we do to really listen to one another. Great points Summer – and yes – Bob gave us an awesome tip! Thanks

  3. Val Wilcox says:

    Love your videos. You’re always so comfortable. 🙂

    This three step process is great. People do want to have someone listen and this will open the channels to more conversations and possible business partnering.

    Have an awesome day!
    Val 😉
    Val Wilcox´s last blog post ..Coming From Ground and Center

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Thanks Val! I appreciate you!

  4. The best words of GR8 advice Glyna! I always remember Mary Kay said once:
    “Everybody has a sign hanging around their neck that says…MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT!” Glyna Humm you have said it perfectly!
    Keep the great stuff going on!
    Jay Bergers III´s last blog post ..Recipe for Success…The House Jacks

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Mary Kaye had it going on:) That comment pretty much sums it all up! Thanks Jay!

  5. Dena-Lynn says:

    Hi Glyna,
    Thanks, your tips are so easy to implement and they go so far in building a relationship. And, they put you in a better position to know how to serve your prospects – it’s all about them. Great video, Glyna. Thanks 🙂
    Dena-Lynn´s last blog post ..Building Relationships – Your Customer is Your Best Friend

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    You are welcome Dena! Thank you for stopping by and making such a nice comment!

  6. Howie Perks says:

    Hey Glyna,

    The “verbally vomiting syndrome” is very common in new network marketers.

    I know I suffered from it when I first got into the business. It’s hard not to run out and start explaining your business to everyone because of the excitement of new possibilities.

    You made some great points in your video about making it about them. The person who asks the questions is in full control of the conversation. It’s amazing how it works. You can have a full 20 minute conversation with a person asking questions about them, never really saying a word otherwise and when you walk away they are like “wow, what a cool person!”

    It’s important for a new person’s success to learn how to listen and ask questions right from the beginning before they run right though their warm market.

    Great to connect and I look forward to networking!

    In Success,
    Howie Perks
    Howie Perks´s last blog post ..Do You Have Wide Eyed Cows

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha – what a horrible syndrome to have Howie:) This technique can be used in anything we do that involves talking to others. I love making people feel special by actually listening to them and finding what they really need. Great points! Thanks

  7. Dwayne Yoder says:

    Enjoyed the video.
    That is a good point to be reminded of from time to time for all of us. We can get so passionate about our products or opportunity that we tend to forget about the person we are talking to.

    Great job.
    Dwayne Yoder

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I know you are right Dwayne! It is so easy to get excited about our products and forget to tone it down a few notches when we are talking to customers. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Nelson says:

    Two Ears and One Mouth. That should tell us something. “Appreciation Marketing” by Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey give good back up credence for your excellent post. Great content we all need to take to heart.

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I definitely need to read that book! I have heard so much about it and they obviously know what they are talking about since it has been so successful for them. Thanks Nelson!

  9. Lisa Molina says:

    Hi Glyna,
    I do know from experience, (as a person that wears there heart on their sleeve) that this can be detrimental. Even when it is out of sheer excitement, it can turn into puke!! I have found that when it is about them… it is easy to not feel the need to talk to fill space.

    I believe that the reason the puking occurs is because the person is not comfortable with silence. Somehow they don’t trust themselves.

    Great 3 steps to assist someone in switching the focus on to the important thing!
    Best, Lisa
    Lisa Molina´s last blog post ..Are you my Mentor

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I think you are right Lisa – silence is hard for some people. I had a manager that used to say – “the first one that speaks loses” That really stuck with me! Thanks

  10. Glyna,

    Wow I can’t tell you how many people could use the tips from your video.
    You really hit the mark pointing out how much people like to talk about themselves.

    If only more people understood the importance of finding out about where the person’s goals and dreams are at before they introduced their latest and greatest opportunity. It’s hard to believe I know, but not everyone is an aspiring entrepreneur in the making!

    The first book I always recommend my team reads is ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’. It teaches people the most basic, yet powerful strategy they can use in any business and in life.

    Thanks for the incredible value you bring to our industry.

    Michaelé Harrington´s last blog post ..Next Generation Technology Reveals Potential To Double Online Conversions

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Thank you so much Michaele! I appreciate the kind comment:) That book is a real winner and an awesome place to start with doing the right thing!

  11. Don Enck says:

    Finally, someone realizes that I am the most important person in the world. I am so fascinating and I LOVE to talk about myself! Believe it or not…this is true for everyone as you said.

    God gaves us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. Thanks for giving us the antidote for this horrible virus.
    Don Enck´s last blog post ..Wisdom from The Cave

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha – You are welcome Don! I love the 2 ears and 1 mouth quote – so true isn’t it? Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it!

  12. Denise says:

    Hi Glyna,

    This makes me think of the quote made by Theodore Roosevelt,’Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care’.

    Thanks for reminding us that it’s all about THEM. 🙂

    Denise´s last blog post ..Behind the Scenes of a WordPress Blog

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Denise – I love that quote! I am going to remember that one:) Thanks

  13. “Throwing up” on me is one thing I can’t stand, I run a mile:-)

    I love the “listening” and relationship building style you use Glyna, it’s my favorite also. People always respond better if you listen and let them talk about their problem.
    Julieanne van Zyl´s last blog post ..Disqus Commenting vs CommentLuv for MLM blogs

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha – you crack me up Julieanne! That is a bad mental picture isn’t it? I guess that is the point – we don’t want that to ever happen:) Thanks

  14. You nailed it, Glyna! Now let’s inspire other fellow NMs to do the same to elevate this business. It is really NOT about your product ingredients or how your company is the first to launch xyz. Prospects want to know what you can do for THEM.

    Keep up the good stuff!

    Janette Stoll

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Yes! We need to be in business to help people and that is impossible if we are not paying attention to what they are telling us!

  15. Edward says:

    Hey Glyna,

    This are amazing tips. I have implemented them in my life and business and it has been fantastic. It totally works. It is all about them. Not you!

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    Edward´s last blog post ..Tribe Domination has Arrived!!!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Yes Edward – exactly! Unfortunately people forget that sometimes! Thanks for your comment!

  16. Great post Glyna. I loved your video and your steps. Some times I forget to do that. I find will get excited about the business or whatever I am sharing and find myself like you were saying (Throwing up on them). I have found I love asking people question and learning about them. We have so much to share and learn from each other. Thank you for the great reminder and advice.
    Julie Elliott´s last blog post ..OUR JOURNEY TO HOMESCHOOLING

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Julie – You are right that we do have so much to share and learn about each other! We just need to take the time to really listen:) Thanks

  17. Hi Glyna,
    Great advice in this post/video. I must admit I have been guilty of this in the past. I now know there is nothing more boring than listening to the latest, fantastic biz opp. People want to be heard and know what is it in for them.
    The person should be our primary focus and how we can help them. How do we do this- ask them lots of questions about THEY want.
    Thanks for pointing out such a simple but often missed concept.

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Great point Deirdre! Asking lots of questions is definitely the key to good communication:) Thanks

  18. Hi Glyna,

    These are great tips and I am going to take Bob’s advice and write them on index cards to keep me focused!


    Wendy Hewlett´s last blog post ..Self-Discovery Through Social Media

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Wendy! Yes – Bob had a great tip to keep us all focused before an appt. Glad we could help:) Thanks

  19. I’ve been guilty of throwing up on my prospects in the early days of my career. 🙂 Asking questions and listening…the more we master these people skills, the more successful we will be!
    Eddie Espiritu´s last blog post ..Mobile Phone Marketing – The Wave of the Future

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Amen Eddie! I think we all had to learn the hard way! Thanks

  20. Hey Glyna,

    Very good informational video. No one wants to be inendated with information overload on a company and it’s opportunity, that’s a really big turnoff for me.

    I’m a partner in a new company called “Conscious Network Marketing” where we teach MLM’ers first and foremost about mindset and limiting beliefs they have about themselves and why their lives aren’t working as they dreamed of. Then we incorporate creating a brand so they can attract the like minded people into their business.

    Thank you for this video and hopefully has been seen by the right eyes!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Eldridge – Hopefully it is a gentle reminder to those people that are not taking the time to really listen to what their customers are saying:) THanks!

  21. Hello Glyna…simple 3 steps. I like it. It is good to be reminded of the simple things. Most of us know that people like to talk about themselves but it is easy to forget whilst talking about oneself. If that simple thought could be at the forefront of most people’s minds it may just make some dramatic shifts in the amount of people becoming interested in you and what you have to offer.

    Bruce Backman´s last blog post ..Keep Working at Your Game-an example from Dimitar Berbatov

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Yes – you are so right Bruce! Listening is the key:) Thanks

  22. Great video Glyna! I totally relate to being so excited and throwing up on someone. It’s tough NOT to do. Like you said, get them talking and keep asking questions. They will slowly feel comfortable and open up. Be there to HELP them not SELL them.

    I enjoyed your video. Well done 🙂

    Mike Pedersen´s last blog post ..Real Estate Professionals Are You Guilty

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I know it is so hard to keep quiet about something you are so passionate about. In the end – you are right – we need to help the customer, not sell them. Thanks Mike!

  23. Debbie Wood says:

    Oh yeah, always my biggest problem. Throwing up on people. I just have such a hard time keeping my mouth shut because I get so darn excited.

    I have to admit though that I am working really hard on it and really am getting much better. I keep telling myself two years, one mouth, use proportionately.

    Thanks for the great advice!!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Haha – exactly Debbie! Thanks

  24. Debby Beachy says:

    I love this post with your video because I too believe it’s about them and not about me. I’ve been reading this book, “How to win friends and influence people.” This is the number one mistake people make, they don’t listen and make the person feel important or that they matter.
    Thanks for your post!
    I know you are very successful with your business and connecting with people!
    Debby Beachy db

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Hi Debby – I have to get that book – I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet – so thanks for reminding me.

  25. Great advice Glyna. Not only will your 3 step advice help you keep customers, but it will also improve your conversion rate. This makes it a double advantage. Thanks for sharing.
    karin@social bookmarking´s last blog post ..Google Instant and the Wonder Wheel

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I think you are right Karin! It can’t hurt:) Thanks for your comment

  26. Paul Reimers says:

    Thanks for the great post Glyna,

    It’s funny how often people are excited about their product or company and “vomit” all over everyone. It’s natural when you are excited about what you have to offer but it is so important to connect with others, find out about them and really work to solve a problem that they are having.

    Focusing on being “interested” instead of “interesting” is not better for talking with prospects, it actually takes a lot less energy. “Vomiting” is exhausting and not a great experience for either side!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Paul – I love that quote – interested instead of interesting. I will have to remember that one. Thanks

  27. Steve Vernon says:

    Glyna –
    As always, you are so right on with this. People too often forget that sales and marketing are all about service, not just about making more money for ourselves. It’s also about relationship building, and the best way to build a relationship is to put the spotlight on the other individual. You are absolutely right that people love to talk about themselves. The problem is, those people often end up being US, when it should be the other person. When we take time to show genuine interest in other people and find out about them, they will be more interested in finding out about us and what we have to offer in return.

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I totally agree with you Steve! Thanks for bringing this to light:)

  28. Tim Colletti says:

    Hi Glyna,

    Yes, some people do get a little over zealous…especially people who are new to MLM or Network Marketing. I think a lot of people have been in the same boat at one time or another.

    ~ Tim
    Tim Colletti´s last blog post ..Basic Online Business Techniques For Success

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Thanks Tim!

  29. Vanessa says:


    You are just absolutely adorable on camera, and so easy with it.

    Your subject has been a “soapbox” for me for years. I always appreciate someone highlighting this tendency.

    The moment someone finds out you are a network marketer you start hearing “you HAVE to look at my opportunity, blah, blah, blah”. What makes anyone think I WANT to look at any other opportunity. Just because I’m in the field doesn’t mean I’m looking for the “next big thing”.

    I love the 3 steps you outlined. They are really great. Now, once I’ve earned the right to talk to someone about my opportunity I turn it around a bit and make them work for the information, just a little.

    I have a “1 minute presentation” that literally is just 1 minute long. It gives them enough information to raise curiosity if they are in the market for what I have. Then I wait to see if they move on to a new subject or ask a question about what I have just said.

    If they move to a new subject, they are not a qualified prospect AT THIS TIME. If they ask a question I now have their tacit permission to give them more information.

    Thanks again for a great post. Sorry to get so long winded.

    Live with passion and purpose,
    Vanessa´s last blog post ..The New Twitter – Love It Or Hate It

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Vanessa – I am going to have to catch up with you and see that 6o sec presentation. That sounds like an awesome way to qualify prospects! Thanks

  30. You have given a beautiful application of how “attraction marketing” is not just something that happens online. With all of the online hoopla, network marketers seem to have mistakenly assumed that anything offline is automatically about, well, regurgitating upon or alienating people. And true enough, many have done that; many are still doing that. But attracting people (as opposed to chasing and dumping on people) is still best both online and offline. A resource that expands on your points about listening and “going naturally” is “How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety, Or Losing Your Friends!” by Michael Oliver.
    Richard Goutal´s last blog post ..Why Do So Many Not Get Attraction Marketing

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    I will definitely have to check that out Richard! Thanks for the awesome comment!

  31. Hi Glyna,

    I really appreciate your advice and videos – solid advice. I’ve always been a ‘listener’ so it comes more naturally to me to start with asking about someone else and finding out what they’re interested in. However, there have been times when my excitement over a new opportunity was probably ill-timed. It takes more practice for me to promote myself or something I’m interested in, so those times don’t happen often.

    I like your approach in making others feel comfortable and important. Your entire site is like that, actually. I always feel comfortable to explore and learn from you.

    Jennifer Akers´s last blog post ..Motivational Radio- Online Internet Radio For Your Success

  32. TJ says:

    Hey Glyna,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and I really do hope you come back ;p

    Anyway, You threw out some great tips on this one. I especially like the first tip. You’re right, I’ve seen people completely open up when you make the situation about them…Sometimes I think we all need someone there to listen to us, especially in a world that’s so go-go-go all the time.

    If I could I’d like to add one more tip that works for me.

    Spend some pre-call time pumping yourself up. My mantra is “people want to hear what I have to say because my words help.” A little affirmation always helps me perform a little better and it takes the edge off.

    Anyway I’ll be back for sure.
    TJ´s last blog post ..Alexa Challenge Day 3- Setting Up An Automated Lead Generation System With WordPress And A Few Awesome Plugins

  33. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hi Glyna, You received a lot of comments on this one and I know why. This is the 2nd video I’ve watched of you and I can already tell you have a very unique, warm hearted personality that will definitely take you far. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of success already. Either way, The Great Man Upstairs has a lot “in store” for you as well. Blessings From My Heart, Curt
    Curt Bizelli´s last blog post ..The Power of Syndication! How To Receive More Traffic- Comments and Sharing on-of your Blog!

    Glyna Humm Reply:

    Thank you so much Curt – I appreciate the kind words:)


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