Google Buzz – Ready to Sting or Get Stung?

Google buzz, social networkingThe new buzz in the world of Social Networking is Google Buzz.  Announced and released on February 9, 2010, Google Buzz is a new social networking-messaging tool designed to work along side the company’s existing internet based email.  The creation of Buzz is seen by most industrial experts as Google’s attempt to run with the experienced social “big dogs” like FaceBook and Twitter.

Sometimes the social networking world kind of reminds me of the boxing world.  You have the long time contenders holding their place in the field, and then a scrappy new comer appears chanting their fight song.  It’s not unlike Ali when he taunted his message of “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”; now Google Buzz is attempting to toot its own horn. However, just like any new competitor, Google Buzz has big shoes to fill and a hard fight ahead of it.

“In this corner weighing in at an undisclosed amount, the Buzz of Santa Clara County, California and the world” – Google Buzz – and the crowd goes wild!  Just like a new comer in boxing, this new kid in social networking is also having its bout with the critics.  They have been heard saying “this guy doesn’t have what it takes” and “he couldn’t beat his way out of a wet paper bag”.  While some of these claims could be valid, others may just be claims from petrified competitors fearing a loss of their own market share.  Should the social networking competitors be worried? Well you can be the judge – if the rumors are right, Goggle Buzz had 9 million posts within the first 56 hours of being online.

Even though those numbers are staggering, Google didn’t help themselves with the critics by rushing the Buzz out the door.  Announcing and releasing such a grand concept on the same day, may be bold, even for Google. Accusations starting flying around like “Google has a habit of launching products before they are ready” and “Google will throw privacy to the wind just to be the first out to market”.  All of the negative PR overshadowed what should have been a grand launch of this new product.  Are these allegations true?  Google says” No” in many reports.  They state that consumer privacy is of the highest priority to their company and that all new products are tested fully before their launch date.

Critics will always scrutinize new things.  It is half fueled by their need to warn us as consumers and the other half fueled by the under minding efforts of the existing competitors.  Whatever the case, It leaves many people wondering if Google Buzz has the power to sting, or be stung in the social networking arena.

In any movement, there will always be two sides to the competition.  In this instance, Google is on one side promoting and defending Google Buzz as the next great concept in social networking.  On the other side are the mass organized critics that are taking what shots they can at Google and the new Google Buzz.  So who gets caught in the middle?  It may just be the most important part of this whole equation – the consumer.  They will be the ones who see the critic blogs and read the defending statements by Google.  They will be the ones who decide if a knock out has been declared or if Google should just “Buzz” off.  The question remains – Is Google Buzz a contender or just a pretender? As in all cases of new online debuts, we will just have to wait and see what the fans say.

Have any of you tried Google Buzz?  Please leave us your comments and let us know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the information Glyna. I’m always slow to start new things. I wait til I see more results. Google is almost a necessary evil so I go slow with their stuff. Just me, I’m old and slow.
    .-= Nelson Schroeder´s last blog ..“Skyjacked” =-.

  2. Thanks Glyna… like the others I haven’t use Google Buzz yet but after reading this i feel much more inspired to do so… thanks for demystifying for us all…

  3. Yep… I’m a Buzzer.

    Buzz is different. It allows for deeper engagement and connection. It’s not the quick hit like Twitter, your Friends like Facebook, or peers like LinkedIn.

    It’s really not about quantity but quality… more who you Follow and engage, rather than filling your stream with noise and following a whole bunch of people.

    Yep, Google still has bugs with Buzz, but with all of Google’s recent plays in Mobile, Maps, Real-Time search, Video, Buzz has the potential to be the glue that connects your digital footprint.

  4. Hmmm, another Social Media site. I’m not sure if I’ll get into this one yet. Great info about it though. I appreciate this other viewpoint!
    Thanks Glyna,

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